I have novels and screenplays in me, but let's wait until after this season of...
I do have novels and screenplays in me, but until those are completed, this is where I will compile a list of my writing, projects, etc. that are already in the can
— Sabrina Monet

Effective or elective 

I'm lucky that I had a chance to spend two years in grad school watching television before the world imploded and we realized that things may not be that great over the next few decades. I'm proud of Effective or Elective: A Character Analysis of Nip/Tuck which resides at the UNLV Library. 

I analyzed the first three seasons of the Ryan Murphy show examining the plastic surgeries as extensions of the main characters and story arcs that would span an entire season. Each character was categorized as either faith-based or principle-oriented and from there we grabbed our bowl of popcorn and watched them wade through the waters of plastic surgery in Miami in the care-free early 2000's. 


pride at a gas station


I'm obsessed with Stephen King and loved listening to The Moonlit Road Podcast. I decided to give a short ghost story a try. Pride at a Gas Station is about a Houma girl who makes a wrong turn down a Louisiana road and loses something very important to her along the way. 


the zurvivalist

Met KZOM Radio (Matt Jarbo) on Twitter and he asked if I wanted to get interviewed for his Podcast on how to survive a zombie outbreak. I thought it would be fun. It was the first podcast I had been a part of (Procrastination Planet coming later this summer!). I'm episode 34

My first essay for The Bold Italic was a top ten list! I reminisced on places in the Bay Area I had made a fool of myself. It was a fun piece and they even had an artist create a cartoon of one of my scenes.