I have novels and screenplays in me, but let's wait until after this season of...
Projects that are in the works and we will learn more about hopefully soon.
— Sabrina Monet

procrastination planet 

My good friend and writing buddy, Carlye Knight, and I are working on a podcast together! Two episodes are in the can and once we get our act together we will upload the episodes onto our new website and you can all have a listen. 

Procrastination Planet is a podcast where we talk about everything under the sun when we should be writing. We examine tropes, character development and argue about authors and stories we love and hate. 

house on the borderland

I co-wrote with Andre Martin an adaptation of William Hope Hodgson's "House on the Borderland". It is twirling in development and hopefully it will make it to the screen sometime in 2020.


At what point does pain and the actions of your past consume the present? Shannon travels all the way to the South Pacific to forget hers, but when she arrives, she learns that some troubles follow you in ways you couldn't have imagined. 

A script I wrote that is up for grabs. It’s registered with the WGA and it’s been copyrighted so all it needs is a forever home where someone pays me so they can put it on the big screen.