I have novels and screenplays in me, but let's wait until after this season of...



It all started when…

Let's preface this with the most important part of the story - I wasn't paid for this work and the screenplay was written by me solely so the characters featured in the story belong to me according to the WGA where the screenplay was registered and U.S. Copyright where I also filed this sleeper hit. So the story...

I completed a screenplay! Also, it’s for sale.

I don't know if anything will ever come of this, but I have invested time in creating Shannon (in all honesty, I've had help in that I shaped her after my best friend of over 24 years with the same name and temperament. Thanks, Booger). 

This is what I came up with:

Have you ever had true happiness slip through your hands? Shannon has. With nothing left inside of her, she leaves for the South Pacific and the Peace Corps with the hopes of finding something that will fill this void. Little does she know that there is a void on the island older and crueler than anything most have ever known. What awaits Shannon on this sleepy island and will she find peace within before this dark void grabs her. 

First five pages of my story: 

Expunge - First 5_Page_5.jpg
Expunge - First 5_Page_6.jpg